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 CCCFE and Academic Senate Unity Zoom background

The Vote of No Confidence Resolution has been affirmed and ratified in a landslide victory vote from the Faculty Union, Classified Union, and the Academic Senate bodies at Compton College. We are demanding the immediate termination of Dr. Keith Curry and Sheri Berger from their respective positions. 

The Faculty Union affirmed the Resolution with 93.4% approval, the Academic Senate affirmed with 80% approval, and the Classified Union affirmed the vote with 77% approval. The Compton College constituencies are united in our belief that we need New Leadership Now!

Show your support in the fight for new leadership by uploading and proudly displaying the CCCFE and Academic Senate Unity Zoom background in all your Zoom meetings. Instructions for uploading the Zoom background can be found at this link.  Should you encounter any technical difficulties with uploading the Unity image, please contact the Faculty Union via email at

In Unity,

CCCFE Faculty Union, Classified Union, and Compton College Academic Senate

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